Basic Event Information

Happy Birthday Mr Dahl

Take One Action Local : The Age of Stupid

Couscous Saturday

Africa in Motion: John of God: The Movie

Africa in Motion: The Journey of Antonio

Africa in Motion: La Belle at the Movies

An anti-colonial menu

Africa in Motion: Ojuju

Africa in Motion: Queer Africa

Africa in Motion Pop-up Festival, Paisley

Africa in Motion TV lounge

Africa in Motion: Zawadi

A Kind of Seeing

Akram Zaatari - Views of the Middle East

Analogue Film Scotland presents: Out of Print

An Anarchist's Story: The life of Ethel Macdonald

Merchant City Festival: The Archeology of Punk

Architecture Film Club

A Wall is a Screen

Balerno Village Screen

Bandstand Cinema Club: Labyrinth


The Barrarchives

Beauty and the Beast

Kirkintilloch Against Fracking

Movie night at Berkeley Suite

Bid Gold Dream

Big Gold Dream Side B: The Glasgow School

Blood, Sweat & Vinyl: DIY in the 21st Century

Blueprint: Animation Shorts

The Bogie Man

Bombay Beach

Glasgow Short Film Festival presents Borscht Diez

SQIFF presents Braw Butches

Broadcast Film Nights

Cafe Flicker: YouTube Special

Callander Film Society classic films

Callander Film Society: Spotlight

Cardiacs – All That Glitters is A Maresnest + Kavus Torabi (live set)


Cinemor77 at Doune the Rabbit Hole

Cinemor77 at ButeFest

Cinemor77 at Mhor: Wee Linties Travelling Archive

Colinsburgh Community Cinema - I, Daniel Blake

Come Worry With Us

Bill in the Botanics: Comfort and Joy

Con Air

Cowards bend the knee with live score by Ela Orleans

Cromarty Film Festival: Young Frankenstein

Cromarty Film Festival: Drifters

Cromarty Film Festival: The Highlands of Yesteryear

Cromarty Film Festival opening event

Cromarty Film Festival: The Divide

Cromarty Film Festival: The Playboys

Cromarty Film Festival: What a Whopper!

Dalry Community Cinema

Disappearing Glasgow: Short films by Chris Leslie

Document 2016: Closing Gala

Evan Ifekoya: Let The Rhythm Pull You Towards Your Edges (after Marlon Riggs)

Document 2016: Fest of Duty

Document preview community screening

Document 2016 Opening Gala

Document 2016: La Commune

Document 2016: Limpiadores

Document 2016: Next stop Utopia

Document 2016: Out on the street

Document 2016: Reykjavik Rising

Document 2016: Shireen of Al-Walaja

Document 2016: Tempestad

Document 2016/Not by the Book: Then Then Then

Surveillance to Selfie: Dreams, Rewired

EIFF: Film Fest in the City

EIFF: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Inhabit: A Permaculture perspective

Document Human Rights Film Festival presents: Euromaidan Rough Cut

Fantom Cinema: Pierre Bastien, National Bedtime, Lauschmann and Bickerton

Fantom Cinema: Matchbox Cineclub

Fantom Cinema

Fantom Cinema: Usheraton

Feminist Film, Feminist Histories

Fighting the Blacklist - bringing together union and video activism

Fleapit Film Club - 20 year anniversary

Following the Fleet

Glasgow Film Festival: Dirty Dancing

Glasgow Film Festival: The Lost Boys

Glasgow Film Festival: MOVE

Glasgow Film Festival: The Princess Bride

Glasgow Film Festival: Raving Iran

Glasgow Film Festival: Secretary

Glasgow Film Festival: The Thing

The Gorbals Story

Govan Young

Transit #3: and everything crooked will become straight

Guild Film Screening at Screenplay

Hannah Arendt


Hidden Door Festival: Dispatch Feminist Moving Image

Hidden Door - On Root

Highlife: Latin American Special


I feel like Dorothy without the dog

A Badge of Friendship presents: In the Loop

Invasión Travesti Film & Drag Show Evening

We Are Winning, Don't Forget: Short Films by Jean-Gabriel Périot

Africa in Motion with Paul Mills' Mind Excursion presents: They will have to kill us first: Malian music in exile

Kinning Park Complex 21st Birthday

La Luta Continua

SFF: Last Day of the Trams

LeithLate: Film screening on gentrification with Deptford cinema

How to Generate our Collective Futures

The Lists Readers Choice

The Kite Runner

Lucky Star with live score

Luna Cinema

Lydia Lunch and the Cinema of Transgression

Machars Movies: Tribute night

Made by the Sea


Making Films Work: The Scottish Co-op and Early Cinema

Making in the Movies

Man with a Movie Camera

The Man who fell to Earth

Mandy McIntosh and the Women's Unit: Moving Images

Man v. Snake


Matchbox Cineclub presents DOA: A rite of passage

Matchbox Cineclub: Double Take in Outer Space

Matchbox Cineclub: The Forbidden Zone

Matchbox Cineclub presents Pura Sangre

Matchbox Cineclub: Radioactive Dreams

Matchbox Cineclub: Remake, Remix, Rip-off

West End Festival: Local Landmarks Loved and Lost

Moorflix: Lady in the Van

Who Does She Think She Is screening and chat

Moving Parts and Revolutions Part 1

Moving Parts and Revolutions, Part 2

Plantation Productions Create Crew present: Much ado about Govan


Never Get Tired: The "Bomb the Music Industry" Story

No Justice, No Peace of Mind

On Root: Travelling identities in Colombian cinema

Oxide Ghosts: The Brass Eye Tapes

A Page of Madness

The Pearl Button

#PeoplePower double bill

Pickard's Picture House

Pleasure Palace screening

Pollywood: The Boy and the World

Pollywood cinema tent at the Festival of Light

Wee Green Cinema - Pollywood screenings


Putting Pants on Phillip

Quantum Shorts

Queers and the City

Southside United Film Club presents Radical Shorts

Rebel Cinema

Regenerating Govan Through Film

Resistance Recipes: Palestinian food and film

Radical Film Archive: Migrant crisis and Climate crisis

Radical Film Archive: Militant Curating

Radical Home Cinema - Basharat Khan

Radical Home Cinema: This Changes Everything

Radical Home Cinema: Crossing the Bridge

Radical Home Cinema - Erin Todd

Radical Home Cinema - Fourwalls

Radical Home Cinema - Fuad Alakbarov

Radical Home Cinema - Greencity Wholefoods

Radical Home Cinema - Secret film

Radical Home Cinema: Journeys

Radical Home Cinema 1

Glasgow Open House: Cafe Cinema Up

Radical Home Cinema - Mr Glasgow

Radical Home Cinema - Nerea Sagarzazu

RHC - Boat screening

Radical Home Cinema: Ellie's house

Wee Shed Picture Hoose - Green Shed Project at Radical Home Cinema

The Wobblies, past and present

Restless Natives: Couple in a Hole

Restless Natives: Restless Glaswegians

William Shakespeare's Romeo+Juliet

Salt of the Earth

Eatfilm: Braveheart

Radical Home Cinema at Fourwalls

Lightshow Film Club: Rotten Kiwis double bill

Sunder Cinema: Valley Girl

Something Weird Film Club: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Sci-Fi Sundays: The Thing

Screen Machine - Kyleakin

Screen Machine - Raasay

Setan Jawa

SFF: Cameraperson

SFF: Ethereal Wireless of the Dreaming Mind

SFF: It Follows

Cinemor77 at Southside Film Festival

SFF: Safety Last!

SFF: Where do we go from here?

Local pick

Southside Film Festival Opening Reception

Silence of the Lambs

Open House Festival / Radical Home Cinema: Southside Cinerama

Southside Filmmaker Screening and Award

The Space Launch Festival

Otto, or Up with Dead People

Subtitles Filmclub

80s Movie Season

Sunset Boulevard

The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened?

Soil City: Symphony of the Soil

Fling! Festival, Tain Cinema

That Sinking Feeling

The Harder They Come

Pollywood presents: Food on Film - The Lunchbox and sustainable shorts

The Room

Hosts and Visitors exhibition - Iranian film screening

Thelma & Louise

Theories of Community

Song by Toad presents: The ambiguity of David Thomas Broughton

Take One Action locals: This Changes Everything

Top Gun

Trade Union Shorts

Transit No. 2: The Lens is a Lyric

Transit #3: and everything crooked will become straight

Transmission Video Show

unDependence: In the Zone and Chic by Nature

unDependence Stirling: In the Zone and Chic by Nature

unDependence: Open the Door / Choose Life!

unDependence: Open the Door / Choose Life

United We Will Swim... Again!

Ursula Mayer

Physical Impossibility and VHS Trash Fest: Blood Diner

VHS Trash Fest

Vic Armstrong

Video Bacchanal

Rab Florence's Videogame Empty

Vintage Mobile Cinema

Finding Vivian Maier

Voice of the Eagle

VR Movie House

Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival: VR Showcase

Interrupted Screening: We don't like Samba

Wee Green Cinema

West Side Cinema

WHALE Arts: Restless Natives

Where You're Meant to Be

Free screening of I, Daniel Blake

Women's film screening and discussion

Wild at Heart


World of Film Festival: Brave (shorts)

Young Communist League Film Nights

You've Been Trumped

Altered States

Raiders of the Lost Ark